Choosing to study in Australia will provide you with excellent options and experiences, as well as world-class education. Here are five reasons why you should consider Australia as your study abroad destination.

  • Globally recognised courses and institutions
  • Innovative
  • Multicultural Society
  • Reasonable Cost of Study

Education system slightly differs among the university across all of Australian Universities. We helps you how education system is there in Australia. Most Australian schools are co-educational and use modern education system within a traditional education structure. Primary and Secondary education is between the age group of six to sixteen. The senior Secondary education is continued for two more years further. Tertiary education system is a higher education which includes Universities and Vocational Education and Training (VET), which gets funds from Australian federal government. The main language of instruction is English in the Australian education system.

Australia has been maintaining a huge reputation and a good quality in higher education and training program among the world’s universities. Large number of international students elects to complete postgraduate studies in Australia to strengthen knowledge and skills in their required field. Australian institutes offer broad range of courses in the field of arts, commerce, law, science and engineering and they also excel among the world’s best by technology and discipline, especially in engineering, medicine, environmental science, finance and accounting.

Higher education system in Australia consists of independent, government funded and private institutions that provides a higher education qualification. There are mainly three types of higher education in Australia- Bachelors /undergraduate programs, Masters and Doctoral degrees.

Bachelor/Under graduate degree:

Entry to undergraduate program is generally based on successful completion of a total of thirteen years of primary and secondary education. In Australia time needed to complete bachelor’s level degree varies from three to four years of full time study, depending on the university and the degree that are opted. Usually three years of full time study is considered as academic achievements, however to get the honors in bachelor’s degree one must complete the additional one year of research based study. The tuition fees would come around $15,000 to $33,000.

Master degree:

Australia is one of the fourth most destinations to do masters for international students. Entry to master degree program is usually based on successful completion of three to four years of full time bachelor’s degree. Master degrees are generally focused on academic and research and total time required to complete master’s degree varies from two to three years of full time study. These degrees are divided into three formats, namely: coursework based, research based and extended based master degree programs. The tuition fees would come around $20,000 to $37,000.

Doctoral degree:

Doctoral programs entirely concentrated on research and it takes approximately three to four years of full time study. Entry to doctoral programs based on excellent achievements in master degree. Doctoral programs offered in two formats, namely; Research doctoral (PhD) and professional doctoral.

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